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We excel in three plus areas and yes we do more than three things but in these three line items we shine.

1. Setting face to face physical appointments for sales staff
2. Offering internal staff options to thier appointment setting approach 
3. Everyone can call warm leads! We excel at cold leads. If you can do cold than you're the best at warm. 

Some of the most important items for us to know about you.
1. What do you need to know prior to meeting a prospect.
2. Expectations you have of us. Are they realistic and acheivalbe.
We'll let you know what is real and then we'll achieve it.

Welcome and thank you for visiting us today.
You've arrived perhaps at our site for one of three reasons.
•One you have been refered to us by a client . 
•Two you were searching the web for an appointment setting
company such as ours
•Three we wrote to you asking you to be on our mailing list for updated specials and tips.
Either way nothing beats knowing what we may be able to do for you"

                        How does one get started?
                  We speak about what would be best
            Answer your questions ask a few or our own
                     We then provide you a proposal  

Sample request

Select: Zip codes, cities, state,county or states
Select: Types of businesses by heading or SIC
Select: Number of employees, if applicable
Select: Revenue, if applicable
Select: Year business started, if applicable
Select: Private or Public Company
Select: Title of Decision Maker
Tell us: Your Benifits, Features, Solutions
Tell us: What makes a qualified appointment
Tell us: What they need to know about you
Fill In:   Availble times on our on line calendar
Review: Our Scripting
Start:    Give us the go ahead

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